The Difference Between a Graveyard and a Cemetery

What’s the Difference Between a Graveyard and a Cemetery?

Some people think graveyard and cemetery mean the same, but a graveyard is a type of cemetery, and a cemetery is usually not a graveyard. Although the words graveyard and cemetery are often used in the same context in everyday speech, there is a subtle difference between the two terms.

To understand the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery, we need to go back in time. From about the 7th century onwards, the process of burial was very much the responsibility of the Church, and burying the dead was only permitted on land near a church, which was known as the churchyard. The part of the churchyard used for burial was called the graveyard, as it was quite literally a yard with graves in it.

A Typical English Graveyard

As the population of Europe grew, the capacity of graveyards was reached and by the beginning of the 19th century, the unsustainability of church burials had become apparent, so completely new places for burying people, independent of the graveyards, appeared, and these were called cemeteries.

Where did the word cemetery come from? It actually comes from the old French word cimetiere, which translates oddly enough as graveyard. The French word originally comes from the Greek word koimeterion, which means “a sleeping place”.

A Typical English Cemetery
A Typical English Cemetery

So, broadly speaking, graveyards are on land owned by the church, and are typically attached to a church or a chapel. The Christian Church would usually stipulate that only Christians could be buried within the grounds and local nobles and the wealthy were sometimes buried in crypts beneath the church itself. Cemeteries, on the other hand are generally run by private companies or the council and are normally open to all faiths and have more relaxed rules regarding headstones.

Another subtle difference between a graveyard and a cemetery is that people’s bodies are buried in graveyards; whereas in a cemetery, it is possible to bury an individual’s ashes as well.

Cremation Jewellery

There are a number of companies that can turn the ashes of a loved one into stunning bespoke jewellery.

Cremation jewellery, ashes to jewellery, remembrance jewellery and memorial jewellery are some of the terms used by specialist creative workshops that create treasured handmade memorial jewellery from just a spoonful of cremation ashes.

Memorial Jewellery
Memorial Jewellery

This unique jewellery can serve as an eternal memory, enabling those left behind to keep their loved one close to them. Pieces are custom made and the range includes bracelets, charms, cufflinks, earrings, pendants, rings and bespoke jewellery items.

Cremation jewellery aka memorial jewellery can be a wonderful way to feel close to a loved one again, and it can be comforting for those left behind to be able to have a beautiful piece of jewellery as a wonderful memento that they can take with them wherever they go.

Memorial Pendant

There is a wide range of cremation jewellery that can be chosen and all are by their very nature unique. All of the cremation jewellery is specially designed and gives people the chance to enclose their loved one’s ashes into jewellery which they can keep with them forever. Ashes based jewellery instantly becomes an heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation.

Cremation Charm

Cremation jewellery is typically hand-crafted by specialist workshops as the ashes, coloured glass crystals and molten glass are skillfully layered together using a mix of traditional and modern techniques to create unique pieces, each with their own character and style. Multiple layers give the stone dimension and depth, and once cooled, it is expertly cut, polished and toughened before being set to create timeless and beautiful jewellery that can be cherished and passed down through the generations.

Surprisingly these specialists only need a teaspoon sized amount of a loved one’s cremation ashes to make some dramatic, striking jewellery. By incorporating a small amount of cremation ashes into a piece of hand blown or fused glass, these artisans can create jewellery and keepsakes that can be forever treasured.

Remembrance Ring

Some of the artisans who create these unique bespoke cremation jewellery items are:-